Wholesale Catalog

Thanks for your interest in Kiku Handmade!  We have a few .pdf catalogs to choose from - the first includes all of our wholesale policies, and contains our "regular" design-centric pieces, plus Judaica, Ornaments, Buckles, Cufflinks and Necklaces.  
We have a separate, ever-growing Icons Catalog, and will soon offer our Greetings from Your City catalog (for now, please see designs on the retail site).

Click HERE to access our REGULAR wholesale catalog >>

Click HERE for our ICONS catalog >>

Email your Purchase Order or email order to laurie@kikuhandmade.com
or fax to 708-221.6613. 


Select items from the retail shop;
Use coupon "wholesale" (no quotes) for 50% discount;
Checkout with "cheque" option - we will email you a Square invoice to securely pay online or invoice your terms account if you have been previously set up.