My imagery and drawings are primarily inspired by pop culture, pattern and nature. I particularly love mid-century modern and Japanese design aesthetics, in fact the name "Kiku" means "chrysanthemum" in Japanese. Using fine enamels, I print with multiple screens onto layers of glass to create depth and, using my knack for color and composition, pair it with an amazing glass color palette. One thing I especially love about the ability to print an image on glass is that it enables me to do a variety of custom work for my customers, which has become a specialty of mine. I approach the design of each new piece, whether my own image or a custom design, looking to strike a visual balance between the graphic printed image and the nature of glass: color, translucence, light and depth- the qualities that originally called me to the medium. While my work is very graphic, I'm a practical girl so most of my pieces are as functional as they are pretty.

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